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Onekin Green Board

Product introduction:

ASTM Test Report --Test results (9mm)
--Flexural strength:10.7MPa(longitudinal)
--Compression indentation:deformation at  4.45kN; 0.55mm; mean residual  deformation :0.34mm
--Nail head pull strength:1284N
--Humidity deflection:0.07mm

CE Test Report--test results (12mm)
▪ Reaction to fire: A1
▪ Formaldehyde release: 0.3mg/L
▪ Impact properties: 5.6kJ/㎡
▪ Water absorption: 18.1%
▪ Thermal resistance: 0.161W/(m.K)

▪ Modulus of Rupture: 16.9MPa

CNAS Test Report--Test results (10mm)
▪ Impact properties: 8.3 kJ/㎡
▪ Nail holding power: 86N/mm
▪ Chloride ion content: 5.9%
▪ Flexural strength: 18.8 MPa

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