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Onekin Green Panel

Product introduction:

Installation drawings and prompts

Step 1--6 as shown in first drawing, and step 7--11 shown in he second one.

Step 1:

Using the cross line laser to mark the control line on the floor and wall, and extend the line to the

ceiling and column. Also mark the location for the doors and windows.

Step 2:

Using the nail gun to fix the U shape metal clip with the column first(usually 3 pieces vertically)

Brushing cement mortar on the tongue side of the panel, then panel slide into the metal clip.

Step 3:

Install the U shape metal clip on the floor and ceiling to fixing two panels. Brushing cement

mortar on the tongue. (Note: every two panels at the bottom and top joint places shall install

U shape clip)

Step 4:

Driving nails(10cm length) in the junction to strength the two panels


1) wall height 2800-3500mm by this way.

2) wall height 3500mm,pls use reinforce bar. Details pls contact sales.

Step 5:

Use wood clips to fill the gap between the floor(or ceiling) and panels to make the panels

installed more stable(if necessary)

Step 6:

Check and adjust flatness vertically, horizontally and diagonally when finishing the wall

installation between two coloumns.

Step 7:

Bonding material: cement mortar +50mm width fiberglass mesh + cement mortar.

Specially made cement mortar for Onekin Green panel is available.

Tips: Between each 5 joints, please remain 1 joint unfilled. After all other joints full

filled and dry enough. Check the wall flatness again. To adjust if any problem by

the unfilled joint space(please contact our sales)

Step 8:

Cut down the panels according to the shape and size of the window, then install

panels accordingly.

Step 9:

Same as window installation

Step 10:

Mark the location of the pipes and lines after finishing the panels installation. For

the vertical pipes or lines, install them into the hollow core of panels.

Step 11:

Make sure the wall surface is flat and straight. Then decoration process can be

started one week later.

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