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Onekin Green Panel 90mm

Product introduction:

Onekin green fireproof and lightweiht wall panel for interior and exterior wall

100% asbestos free, no radioactive material, harmless to human body.It is totally healthy to use.

1. Application

Onekin wall panel is widely used is building construction, usually used as interior wall, exterior wall and room partition wall panel.

The Green panel is widely used as wall partitions in the buildings instead of bricks, hollow block, OSB board, fiber cement panel, gypsum board,cement board, etc.

2. Advantages:

Green wall panel

1. Raw materials green: according to national environmental test, Onekin wall panel production raw materials without asbestos and no radioactivity, and also it does not contain formaldehyde, mean while it's free of heavy metals and other harmful substances.

2. Producing process green: we adopt modern automatic production, no pollution dischardes, recycling water resources.

3. Installation green: Onekin wall panel installation process is very easy and fast. Also Onekin wall panel surface is smooth. after installed, i can do decoration on wall panel surface, can help you saving on cement mortar use.

Energy saving and heat insulation

Sound insulation

3. After-sales service



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