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Onekin Fireproof door core

Product introduction:

mgo perlite fire door core board

Main raw materials:
Expanded perlite
Suitable framework
Non-woven fabric/ Mgo board at both sides

Load quantity calculation:
(length of container /width of panel) * (height of container deducts 200mm then divide the panel thickness)

Note: 200mm is the height of pallet the reserved operation space.
Flexural strength:≥8MPa Flexural Strength:
Compressive strength: 0.35-0.8(Mpa)
Thermal conductivity: ≤0.035-0.076W/
Water content: ≤10
Moisture movement:≤0.25%
Fire resistant: 0.6-2h
Coefficient of sound absorption: 0.03-0.8

Perlite fireproof door core panel adopts expanded perlite as leading materials, mixed with

non-organic high strength adhesives and chemical additives proportionally. Then being

processed via a full set of processing procedures, the ready-to-use products are made.

The expanded perlite adopted is natural perlite ore and being heated under 1300℃ to

achieve instant expansion and the formation is hollowed cellular granulocyte.

Therefore,ready-made fireproof door core panel is a sort of natural and environmental

product.Thewhole process is under stringent and even rigorous supervision from raw

materials sourcing to finished products. Onekin Fireproof door core panel reaches

fireproof Grade A1according to National Fireproof New Standard combining application

with steel or wooden door.

Principal application: Hotel, office building, commercial mall, floor compartment, school,

lab,railway station, airport, theater, dancing hall, entertainment center, factory,

trailer coach wherefireproof , heat and sound insulation requirements are highly


Process Flow

1. Raw materials choosing: adopting expanded perlite as main raw material, suitable material asframework material and adhesion agent met the testing requirements as binding material.

2. Mixing: firstly adding binding agent into perlite and then stir evenly by tailor-made blender.
3. Pressurization: put the ready mixed materials into mould or door core framework, then

4. Demold: Demold, natural drying, then packing and ready-made product

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