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Onekin Green Panel 100mm

Product introduction:

Onekin Prefab Lightweight Fireproof EPS concrete interior &exterior Partition wall panel

Background: Onekin is working on the belief of making people’s living environment better and safer. As we are in building material area, the energy, water and temperature becomes the core issue of weak living conditions. Thus, we offer thermal insulation panel, which can help thermal insulation right start from the wall, save energy while make the room a better place for living.

How does Onekin Prefab Lightweight Fireproof EPS concrete interior &exterior Partition wall panel change the living condition?

Onekin precast wall panel is thermal insulation, it uses magnesium oxide as raw material, which is a nature fireproof element. It means the wall panel itself is fireproof & thermal insulation, no need for cheap foam insulation panels, even it’s in middle east, where temperature is above 45℃.
With thermal insulation panel, there’s no need for air conditioner. It will be a huge cost of energy and money, especially for those who is live in a affordable house. They can enjoy the comfortable life without air conditioner.

What is exactly Onekin Prefab Lightweight Fireproof EPS concrete interior &exterior Partition wall panel?

1. It is an innovation precast wall panel
Common size: 2800/2900*600 (customized available)
Thickness: 75/90/100/120/150/200
With precast technology, it reaches fast installation: 40m2/worker/day

2.It is non-load bearing wall panel
Onekin thermal insulation panel is used as non-loading bearing wall
Application: interior wall, exterior wall, partition wall

3.It is lightweight wall panel
Since it’s produced by chemical reaction, it is lightweight, only 40kgs/m2

4.It is thermal insulation & fireproof panel
As introduced above, Onekin wall panel is thermal insulation, needs no cheap foam insulation panel. Moreover, it is fireproof, fire rating up to 4 hours.

What is the benefit using Onekin Prefab Lightweight Fireproof EPS concrete interior &exterior Partition wall panel?

1.Install 3 times faster
With Onekin precast wall panel, one worker can install 40 square meters per day, even a non-professional worker.

2.Total cost 30% lower
Fast installation, no need for cheap foam insulation panel, lightweight. These makes Onekin lightweight precast wall panel save total cost 30%.

3.Additional values
Onekin precast wall panel has below additional values:
Fire rating 4 hours
Thermal insulation - save energy 80%
Total green - 100% asbestos free, no formaldehyde

Whrer is Onekin’s target market?

As Onekin precast panel lightweight, heat insulation, fireproof, our target market is
1.countries where shipping cost is not high
These countries would mainly be Asia countries, such as Singapore, Vietnam, Malaysia, South Korea and so on.
2.High temperature countries
These mainly is middle east countries such as UAE, Qatar, Oman, Jordan, where temperature is above 45℃, and air conditioner using is almost all day.
3.Meeting or ahead of dead line projects
Since Onekin precast panel is fast installation, can help to finish one year project in three month. Thus, projects which are in a hurry are suggested to use our wall panels. Such as UAE for the EXPO 2020 & Qatar for WORLD CUP 2022.

What does Onekin provide as a manufacturer?
Production ability
Onekin factory covers a total area about 25,000 m2, with 70 machines. We have the ability to supply mega projects with production ability 1500 pieces. We can always add machines to meet larger requirement.

Third Party approval
Since different country has different standard, there’s requirement from third party. As a manufacturer, Onekin supports to do certificates what are necessary for the approval.

Payment supportive
Onekin supports for different kinds of payment, and we give support for high credit customers as well as old customers.

Quality assurance
Onekin has research center to do necessary chemical research, ensure every batch production is under good conditions.

Installation guidance
Onekin has professional installation team to do installation guidance, as well as on site training of the workers.

Get to know Onekin

Onekin is a group company, with head office in Chengdu, China. There’s a branch company in Ethiopia, as well as four agents separately in Maldives, Oman, French Guiana, Israel.
Onekin has professional team for sales, after-sales service, installation team, annual checking team. We also pays much attention on the living standard of people, with our precast wall panel, change the environment together, change the living standard together.

Onekin precast wall panel
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