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Onekin Green Panel 90mm

Product introduction:

A lightweight precast substitute for foam concrete
Background of lightweight substitute for foam concrete

I did the foam concrete price comparison in another products introduction brfore, this time, I gonna introduce a lightweight foamed alternative to foam concrete. As we all know, there are some hidden cost in our building process and  which our foam concrete alternative can save for you. And this essay introduced our high quality lightweight foam concrete alternative as your reference.

Raw materials of lightweight substitute for foam concrete

To learn more about foam concrete alternative, we should know the raw materials first. Onekin wall panel use magnesium oxide, which is a natural non-combustible materials, as main raw materials. All the raw materials of our panel are green and inorganic materials, so it also been called GREEN PRECAST PANEL.

why choose Onekin precast foam concrete substitute?
Foam concrete substitute can be produced to suit particular requirements of each project and environment, we have served in hot-wet environment like Vietnam and Maldives. Foam concrete has a very good thermal insulation performance, but Onekin wall panel can replace for foam concrete because it is high strength than foam concrete ---- as our customers' feedback, they have used foam concrete blocks before, but the damage problem is very frenquently.
Lightweight concrete alternative / Foam concrete replacement is a unique product which has fireproof grade A1 performance. It is a non-combustible building material -- non-combustible at 800℃, and remains flamless at 1200℃. We have already passed the TUV Singapore test, and also some international test like CE, ASTM etc.  Magnesium oxide panel as an ideal replacement is competitive with other foam concrete blocks in pricing and offers.

Lightweight foamed concrete replacement wall panel is highly workable, it is a low density material can reduce labour and supervision costs. It can reduce up to 30% of total cost:

1.T & G and hollow core design make the installation of our precast concrete foamed alternative 3 ~ 5 time faster than traditional cenment, save construction time and shorten pay back.

2. Onekin foam concrete replacement wall panel is lighter than any other traditional panels, such as cement block, concrete blocks, AAC panel etc. As a result, it can lower structural load and reduce the base, meanwhile save labour cost and transport cost.

3. The concrete foamed alternative can be easily saw, cut, drilled and taped, one skilled worker can install about 40m2 per day.

4. Moreover, the surface of our alternative to foam concrete is smooth, so no need for plastering work after precast panel installation, skim cost directly and then other decoration.

5. According to our test data, 90mm low cost foam concrete replace wall panel is equality strength like 100mm brick with just 1/3 weight of traditional brick. Which means you can choose thinner and lighter wall partition foam concrete panel replacement over traditional building materials. When you use it as interior wall partitions, it can increase your room space.

Green & Eco-friendly

The raw materials for our precast alternative to foam concrete are green and inorganic, and it made out of chemical reaction, don't need high temperature and high pressure during the production. and because it is a non-combustible material, it does not produce any harmful gases and toxic smoke in the event of fire. Moreover, it is insect-resistant and resistant to growth of mold and mildew.

Project of lightweight substitute for foam concrete

Onekin wall panels can replace traditional foam concrete very well. Also the panels can be installed with fast speed for it’s lightweight and precast. Cheap price, fast installation and outstanding performance make it become a very popular building material in wall construction. Below shows Singapore projects feedback which using our precast wall panel as interior wall. For more information of our project, please click HERE.

Customer visit

Onekin hold the principle of “Customers First, Employees second, Shareholders last”, we cares about our customers and provide full range of service to them. If you are interested with our products and want to know more about the production line, welcome to visit us. For more details please feel free to contact our sales.


Onekin has years' experience can provide high quality precast wall panels to replace traditional cement, foam concrete & AAC panels. Our factory covers an area of about 18000 square meters, including panel production department, foaming agent production department, equipment maintain department and other 3000 square meters for offices and laboratory. Daily production capacity can be about 1500pcs, roughly 1000,000 square meters annually.

Onekin Green Precast Wall Panel

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