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Onekin Green Panel 100mm

Product introduction:

large loading quantity easy unloadng fireproof and lightweight wall panel for villa

What is cheap soundproof interior wall panel?

  Onekin cheap interior panel is a soundproof building materials which can help you to create a quiet, beautiful and the same time very functional house. It is widely used in commercial, residential, industrial and institutional construction, especially wall partition. It is a new type of internal wall partition panel made of lightweight materials,designed to hollow core and use T&G as edge connection.

Why cheap interior wall paneling  could be the best choice for you?

Soundproof and thermal insulation:

  The hollow core design in the middle can reduce it's weight and the air in the core can be the best medium of soud and thermal insulation, it has great sound insulation performance shows great efficiency in insulating noise and energy saving. Structure with two layer of 90mm exterior and interior panel with rock wool in the middle, it can reach 51dB sound insulation.

Easy to use and install:

  Decorative wall panels is easy to be snapped, cut, saw, nailed and decorated. One skilled worker can install about 40m2 per day, while cement panel is 16m2/day/woker. Use interior panel with cheap price in your construction can get short pay back.


  Onekin cheap wall paneling for internal wall partition is lighter than other traditional building materials,  it can lower structural load, reducing foundation cost , saving labor cost and shorten construction period, and as a result, save up to 30% of your total construction cost.

Projects feedback pictures for your references:

Onekin has served in many projects all over the world,  our wall panels have great performance and cheap price have become a very popular interior wall panels in construction. Below shows our project in Ethiopia, used cheap internal panel as interior wall partition.

Onekin factory:

 To provide best quality wall panels to our customers, we have strict quality control system. Our quality management system includes pre-production quality control for raw materials, in-process quality control for panel production and loading supervision. Below shows our workers are doing packaging work and one of our warehouse.

workers doing interior wall panel packaging

Onekin warehouse

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