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ONEKIN door core

Product introduction:

Healthy lightweight

and 2h fireproof function door core

Raw materials:

Mannesium oxide - fireproof element

Foaming agent - lightweight

Fiberglass mesh tap - reinforcement


Flexural strength: ≥8Mpa

Compressive strength: 0.35~0.8Mpa

Thermal conductivity: ≤0.035~0.076w/m*k

Water Absorption: ≤10%

Fire rating time: 0.6-2h


environment friendly: 100% free of asbestos / formaldehyde / toxicant

low water absorption

Fire rate time

Fire rate:  60min,  38mm

32mm (mgo board on bothsides)

90min,  46mm

41mm (mgo board on bothsides)

120min, 50mm

46mm(mgo board on both sides)

Contact us

Arya Ren

Foreign sales Dpt

Mob: +86-183-2881-7693(wechat)

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