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Onekin green wall panel

Product introduction:

no asbestos lightweight and fireproof

panel alternative

Sandwich panel has a structure made of three layers: low density core inserted in between two relatively thin skin layers, the low density core in this sandwich structure allows it to achieve lightweight performance.

And this time I introduce a new innovative lightweight building material to replace sandwich panel: Onekin lightweight magnesium oxide wall panel.

What is Onekin High strength fireproof Eps cement Sandwich and precast wall panel?

As above mentioned, this alternative to sandwich panel is a new building material. And what make it a innovative building material? There are some difference between our innovation wall panel and sandwich panel:


Our green precast wall panel is a new

innovation green building material, it has high fireproof, soundproof, heat insulation and energy saving performance, and we can provide certificates including TUV, ASTM, CE etc.

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