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  • Tests ASTM Test Report --Test results (9mm) --Flexural strength:10.7MPa(longitudinal) --Compression indentation:deformation at  4.45kN; 0.55mm; mean residual  deformation :0.34mm --Nail head pull strength:1284N --Humidity deflection:0.07mm CE Test Rep...
  • mgo perlite fire door core board Main raw materials: Expanded perlite Suitable framework Non-woven fabric/ Mgo board at both sides Load quantity calculation: (length of container /width of ...
  • Installation drawings and prompts Step 1--6 as shown in first drawing, and step 7--11 shown in he second one. Step 1: Using the cross line laser to mark the control line on the floor and wall, and extend the line to the ceiling and column. Also mark the ...
  • Installation process and prompts In installation process, remarks shall be noted as mentioned in below “Notes” parts
  • To certain extent, this can prevent wall cracks after finishing. Usually we adopt 50mm width and 100mm width anti-crack fiberglass mesh.
  • Water-based internal and external Putty powder is recommended when do finishing. Details please contact sales.
  • Nail gun is used to fix U-shape clip which works to make panel installed more stable.
  • Bamboo made helmet has a better ventilation, especially in high temperature climate districts.
  • Onekin Green board (Magnesium Oxide wall board) Loading quantity, specification etc. Raw Materials MgO, MgCl2, fiberglass mesh, non-woven cloth Standard Size ...
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