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New pandas are born in Germany

TIME:2019-12-10 |  BackRead (550)

Giant panda twins born in Germany named "dream" and "dream circle"

Giant panda twins "dream" (right) and "dream circle" were photographed at Berlin zoo in Germany on Dec. 9.Giant panda twins born 100 days ago at Berlin zoo in Germany were officially named "dream" and "dream circle" Wednesday.Xinhua news agency reporter shan yuqi

Berlin, Dec. 9 (xinhua)Berlin (Reuters) - a pair of panda twins born 100 days ago at the Berlin zoo were officially named "dream" and "dream circle" Wednesday.

Mengmeng, a six-year-old giant panda in lude, gave birth to mengmeng and mengyuan on August 31.According to Chinese custom, newborn babies are named in 100 days, the Berlin zoo said.At the naming ceremony, "dream" and "dream circle" were wheeled out by keepers and photographed by the media.

Wu Ken, Chinese ambassador to Germany, said in a speech at the naming ceremony that the successful birth of panda twins at the Berlin zoo was the result of the joint efforts of Chinese and German scientific research teams."Dream" and "dream come true" mean "dream come true", and wish the friendship between China and Germany.

Berlin's mayor, Michael muller, said animal fans in the city were excited to see the twins grow up and that they were a wonderful gift for the city.

Mengmeng and male giant panda jiaoqing arrived in Berlin in June 2017.Mengmeng and jiaoqing will live in Germany for 15 years, according to a cooperation agreement between the Berlin zoo and the China wildlife conservation society on giant panda conservation and research.Dreamland and dreamland will live in Berlin for two to four years before returning to China.