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The world's most beautiful street chengdu jinli

TIME:2019-12-05 |  BackRead (844)

American media recommended the world's most beautiful street chengdu jinli ancient street ranked first!

China new network on December 5On December 5, local time, CNN travel channel listed more than 10 beautiful streets with unique features around the world, from the streets of luxury residential areas in uptown New York City to the streets of Melbourne covered with graffiti art, to the streets of Europe full of historical charm.Jinligu street in sichuan, China, topped the list.

It is understood that jinli is located in chengdu, sichuan province, China, an ancient commercial street, adjacent to the temple of wuhou, quite ancient shu folk customs.Legend has it that jinli was once one of the oldest and most commercial streets in the history of western shu. It was famous throughout the country as early as the qin, han and The Three Kingdoms periods, and its history can be traced back to more than 1800 years ago.

The wooden houses and shops on the streets of jinli, with red lanterns hanging and traditional signs, make chengdu's biggest tourist attraction look "delightful" and historic, CNN commented.

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