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How to prolong the fire rating time of the door

TIME:2019-02-22 |  BackRead (405)

Do you know that using flat MgO A+ fireproof door core board can prolong the fire rating time of the door?

Onekin Mgo A+ board is made of the high-purity magnesium oxide, Using the Magnesium Sulfate (MgSO4) instead of magnesium chlorid , that make the board Anti hanlogenation and also solve the rust problem . To increase the strength of the board , we all use the thick fiber mesh in bother sides. These all make sure the board in the best condition .


1. Sizes (width): 2,440 x 1,220mm, 2,400 x 900mm, 3,000 x 1,200mm, 2,750 x 1,200mm, 600 x 600mm

2. Thickness: 3 - 20mm

3. Other specifications available

4. 100% asbestos free.


1. Fireproof and waterproof

2. Incombustible level : A grade

3. Mesh type : 4x4mm, 6x6mm ,woven glass fabric .

4. With good clean: no fly ash in our boards,  Without non-alkaline fiberglass

5. Applications: partition wall of office room, core of the fireproof door , indoor floor , ceiling, etc.

Add our Mgo board on the both side of fire door core can extend the fire rating time at least 30min.

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