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Onekin customer visiting for interior wall panel

TIME:2017-07-17 |  BackRead (580)

Last weekend, Onekin has customer visiting us, for cheap interior wall panel. During the visiting, Onekin has introduced our main product, Onekin Green Panel, and it’s advantage over cost & fast installation to customers.

At the sample room, Onekin has showed the sample wall and the testing we have done on it. Customer has done the strength test on it with a hammer, turns our high strength. Later, we have enter the meeting room for product introduction and installation explanation. Since it’s using as interior wall, customer has tested the hanging strength, so that they can make sure it can hang a TV or air conditioner.

The visiting is going quite well, and customers have been very impressive to Onekin Green Panel. It has met their requirement regarding cheap interior wall panel. Onekin is also very proud that our panel quality and performance can meet the requirement and help to a better living conditions.