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Foreign trade E-commercial operator

Number of people: 2

Department: Marketing Department

Date: 2015-05-25

Work place: chengdu

Effective Date: 2015-05-01 - 2015-07-31

Job responsibilities

1.Working on the daily maintenance and popularizing of our company web-site. Optimize and popularize the company web-site by using the foreign search engine (such as Google, etc) to raise the web-site ranking.

2.Planning thematic and article edition. Reproduce or copy the interesting foreign website content (better be related to our company) to our company web-site.
Job requirements

If you’ve got brilliant ideas, love network-marketing, and also you’re good at breaking through network blockade and be an English speaker, or you got talent to be a... net-hacker, so what’re you waiting for? Joining Us!