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Chemical engineer

Number of people: 2

Department: Engineer department

Date: 2015-05-25

Work place: chengdu

Effective Date: 2015-05-01 - 2015-07-31

Job responsibilities

1.Texting the product capacity of our company;

2.Cooperating with our customers and the requirement of our company to deal with the development, adjusting and sample production works, etc;
3.Cooperating our salesman to resolve the problems during the production process of our customers;
4.Hold regular training to the salesmen of our company on professional and conventional knowledge;
5.When receiving feedback or complaint about the product quality, should timely and effectively texting and analyzing the product, and presenting a complete and reliable solution plan and verification report;
6.Providing technical plans and confirm chemical requirement of the products developed in our company, and complete the verification of related plans;
7.Take responsibility to the adjustment and detection during the developing process of new products, the preparation and modification of test methods and reports.

Job requirements

1.Bachelor or higher education, chemical and related fields, for those who had more than 5-year’s working experience we’ll take a lower standard;
2.Familiar with using all the common chemical laboratory equipment, and you should be good at manual works;
3.Have your own understanding about the domestic and international additives industry status and its development direction;
4.Proficient in Inorganic Chemistry and analyze chemistry, have a deep research in the additives, have capacity to officiate and launch the related experiments and development work;
5.Must be filled with team spirit and professionalism, work with responsibility and to be a pragmatic man who can take challenges.